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Symptoms of ACL tear

October 17 | 2017
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Signs and Symptoms of ACL tear This blog will talk about signs and symptoms of ACL tear. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, is a very important structure of the knee joint. Its main function is to stop the shin bone from moving too far forward when the knee is straightened. The ACL also prevents the knee from rotating too far inward. As a result, a tear to this ligament can have very negative effects on knee function and stability. A potential injury to the ACL has fairly easily recognizable signs and symptoms. Mechanism of injury of ACL Tear The mechanism of injury is very important in identifying an ACL injury. The ACL ligament is often injured when the leg is pivoted with the foot planted. It can also result from a direct blow to the outside of the knee. It is common to see ACL injuries in soccer and…

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October 14 | 2017
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Knee Injuries ACL REHAB ACL REHAB is very important for you to get back to your normal life! injuries lead to pain, inflammation, internal bleeding and instability. Mechanism of Injury The mechanism of injury is a sudden rotational force that occurs when the foot is planted on the ground. Symptoms of ACL tear During certain movements you may feel instability and pain such as when walking and coming down stairs. Muscles may get weak because they respond to stress put on them during weight bearing activities. After injuring the ACL, people tend to to avoid pain. This can lead to decreased balance, strength and control in the muscles. It may further lead to locking of other structures that are also involved with an ACL tear. This includes meniscus and medial collateral ligament injuries. Is Surgical Repair required? Surgical repair may be needed for a fully torn ACL depending on the…

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