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Heat therapy

January 21 | 2018
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Heat and Cold therapy How it works When we apply Heat therapy, it improves circulation and blood flow to  that area due to increased temperature. Heat therapy can relax and soothe muscles and heal damaged tissue. Types Dry Heat therapy includes sources like heating pads, dry heating packs, and even saunas. This heat is easy to apply. Moist Heat therapy includes sources like steamed towels, moist heating packs, Theratherm heating pads that take moisture from the air, or hot baths. Moist heat may be slightly more effective as well as require less application time for the same results. Contraindications diabetes dermatitis vascular diseases deep vein thrombosis multiple sclerosis (MS)  Heat is useful for relieving: osteoarthritis strains and sprains tendonitis, or chronic irritation and stiffness in the tendons warming up stiff muscles or tissue before activity relieving pain or spasms relating to neck or back injury, including the lower back Cold…

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Massage Therapy Services Mississauga

May 08 | 2017
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Massage Therapy Services Mississauga Massage therapy involves skilled manipulation of the soft tissues (skin, muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments) and joints in your body. A variety of techniques can be used in Massage therapy services Mississauga to help reduce tension in stiff muscles. It can help to promote lymph and blood flow and speed up the healing of injured tissues. Massage therapy has a therapeutic effect on the body and helps you to recover from injuries to muscles, circulatory and the nervous system. Massage Therapy Services Mississauga: Types 1) Relaxation/Swedish Massage- primarily used to enhance wellbeing and is generally offered in spas, resorts 2) Rehabilitative/Deep tissue/ Therapeutic Massage- Primarily aids in promoting healing of injured tissues. This facilitates early recovery. Registered Massage therapists who are skilled and trained in performing these maneuvers perform Rehabilitative Massage Therapy. This service is offered in medical clinics . Massage Therapy Services…

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Recovery Tips: Total Knee Replacement

October 11 | 2016
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Recovery tips: Total Knee Replacement Getting a new metallic knee and a big surgery can be very overwhelming. It is particularly hard right after the surgery! Here you will find some Recovery Tips: Total Knee Replacement. These can help with faster recovery. Exercise- During the first few days following the surgery, you are at risk of developing a clot in your calf. This is because as you are not moving much due to pain or from the effect of anesthesia. Simple foot/ankle exercises will prevent pooling of blood around your calf leading to a possible clot. Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga can help to manage your pain and swelling right after the surgery. Other Recovery tips: Total Knee Replacement Many surgeons recommend providing compression to the area using a compression stocking. They also recommend using ice around your knee joint. Its usually done with your leg elevated so that gravity can further…

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