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At PhysioNow all of our therapists are Registered Physiotherapists. The first thing that happens when you arrive at the clinic is an assessment with a Registered Physiotherapist. After a full assessment, a diagnosis is arrived at and your treatment will begin on the first…

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Massage Therapy

MASSAGE is the manual treatment of the upper and deep lower layers of muscle and connective tissue to release the tension of these structures. Relaxation of these tissues improves function and well-being.Massage treatment uses many techniques to achieve optimum muscle relaxation…

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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

PhysioNow understands car accidents and all of the pain and annoyances that go along with them! Our primary goal is to help you to recover quickly from your injuries and to minimize as many annoyances as we can from the paperwork associated with car…

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Work Place Injury (WSIB)

We are fully registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)…

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Acupuncture can be very helpful in the treatment of some injuries. It can speed up your pain control and ultimately your recovery from an injury. We have trained therapists available to treat you with acupuncture at all locations…

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Concussion Treatment

Concussion is a form of brain injury that occurs after a blow or jolt to the head that affects the way your brain functions. The nerves in your brain are overstretched…

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Sports Injuries

Getting exercise by participating in sports is highly encouraged, but sometimes injuries can happen that may slow you down or keep you out of the game completely. At PhysioNow, whatever your injury, we can help rehabilitate you so you can get back on the court…

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Custom Knee Braces

We can provide custom knee braces from a variety of suppliers to meet every level of activity and sport that you may need.The suppliers that we use are always reputable and we continue to bring in new braces as soon as innovative designs become available in the marketplace…

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Lower Back Pain Treatment

Are you suffering from debilitating back pain? Is it hard to sit or bend? Are you stiff in the morning and does it affect your sleep? We can make your pain go away today…

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Falls Prevention Program

The risk of falling is a huge concern. Falls can lead to major injuries including fractures, sprains/strains, whiplash and concussion to name a few…

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Post Operative Knee Replacement

These surgeries are usually recommended for patients who have advanced osteoarthritis and/or degenerative changes. It takes a lot of rehabilitation after the surgery to get the knee to a good functional level. …

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