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Fees & Financing

There are four ways to pay for treatment as follows:


Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been involved in a recent car accident, you are most likely entitled to physiotherapy treatment up to $3500.

We can help you to sort out your insurance coverage! Just call one of our clinics and ask to speak with the administrator who will walk you through the process. We would like to get you started on your path to recovery and pain reduction as soon as possible after the injury. We can often book same-day appointments! Give us a call today!


workplace injuries

If you have been injured at work, depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for coverage for your treatment through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). In order to be covered for treatment, you must have reported your injury to your workplace as soon as possible after the injury occurred, and filled out the Form 6 from WSIB, (Worker’s Report of Injury) as soon as you receive it from WSIB. Additionally, your workplace must be covered by WSIB- some are not, please check with your workplace to see if they are covered by WSIB. Lastly, you must seek treatment from a health care provider- i.e. your family doctor, a walk-in clinic, a hospital or a Registered Physiotherapist who is registered to treat WSIB injuries.

If you would like more information about whether you may be covered by WSIB for your injury or you already have your claim number, please call one of our clinics today. We can guide you through the process. It is important to seek treatment for your injury quickly! A physiotherapist at our clinic can assess you as early as the same day of the injury, even if you are unable to see your family doctor first. Our physiotherapists can complete the necessary paperwork for WSIB to help establish a claim for you, (Form 8). We can also complete a Functional Ability Forms (FAF) for WSIB to allow you to return to work on modified duties that are appropriate for your injury. Please call us today to see if you may be eligible for treatment!


Sports Injuries

For all other injuries that are not workplace or motor vehicle accidents, including:

Sports Injuries, Slips And Falls, Post Fracture Treatment, Post-Op Treatment For Joint Replacements, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Wrist Pain, Hip Pain, Ankle/Foot Pain & more.

You may have coverage for assessment and treatment for all of the above injuries if you, your spouse or parent has coverage that includes you as a beneficiary.

This type of extended health care is usually offered by a workplace and would often be included if you have coverage for dental services. Alternatively, you may have also purchased this coverage for yourself.

The good news is that we can now bill many of these extended healthcare providers directly at our offices!! Some of the common insurance providers we work with are Sunlife, Manulife, GreenShield, Blue Cross, Canada Life, Desjardins and more. This saves you the hassle of having to pay first and then submit the receipts to get your money back! This is a service that our patients LOVE!!!!  Each month, more and more providers are allowing us to bill electronically for the services of Registered Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy. If you have not already seen your provider on this list, call today to see if we can bill them electronically.


Other InjuriesIf you do not have coverage of any other type, we are pleased to accept self-payment for services provided. We accept debit, VISA, MC, cheque or cash at all of our offices. Additionally, our therapists are very sensitive to your financial situation and we are able to offer a discount to our patients who do not have extended healthcare coverage, or have already maxed out their benefits for the year. We want everybody to be able to get the treatment they deserve, please contact our clinic to see if this situation applies to you!

Not only this, but it is possible to be assessed at one PhysioNow clinic and be treated at a different PhysioNow location. Billing can be done centrally at one clinic to simplify your life. We coordinate all of this behind the scenes to make it easier for you!

Finally, if you are not sure if you qualify for any of these types of coverage, please call our office today and our front desk staff will assist you with your inquiry. We will do our best to sort out your coverage options!

We have multiple clinic locations across the communities of Mississauga, Etobicoke, Burlington and Oakville to help you manage your symptoms. Contact PhysioNow today and let us help you get started with your recovery!


Clinic Locations

PhysioNow now has 9 different locations across the GTA.

We are located in Applewood, Erin Mills, Lorne Park, Hurontario-Eglinton, Maple Grove, Etobicoke South, Burlington and Creditview-Bristol.

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