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Neck Pain Treatments Mississauga & Etobicoke

Neck Pain Treatments Mississauga & Etobicoke.  This is an area of injury that we see in our offices frequently.

Neck pain can be very severe and affect a person’s day to day tasks. For example some causes include:

  • For many people, neck pain starts very suddenly, and they have no idea what caused it.
  •  Pain that develops and worsens over time
  • There are also a lot of people who experience neck pain after being involved in a motor vehicle accident
  •  after a fall.

What does Neck Pain feel like?

Neck Pain Treatments Mississauga & Etobicoke

No matter the reason, neck pain can be very limiting .

For example, some of the most commonly reported symptoms related to neck pain are:

  • Pain in the neck or top of the shoulders
  • Reduced movement when looking up and down and/or side to side
  • Pain, numbness or a pins and needles sensations that travels into the upper arm, forearm or fingers
  • Pain or burning sensations that travel into the shoulder blade
  • Inability to keep head straight due to pain
  • Unable to sleep comfortably due to pain

What can be done about neck pain? What are some Neck Pain Treatments?

Neck Pain Treatments Mississauga & Etobicoke

Registered Physiotherapists are experts at being able to treat neck pain. An experienced Physiotherapist will be able to ask the right questions.  In addition,  they will do the proper tests to find out the source of your problem.

Once your Physiotherapist understands the problem, he or she will apply the most effective treatments  to improve your condition. For example treatment may include a combination of manual therapy, and exercises to stretch and strengthen.  In addition, education and electrical modalities may be used.

What are the possible sources of Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be highly variable. It can be different from person to person and condition to condition. Some of the possible reasons for neck pain can include:

  • Disc-related neck pain
  • Osteoarthritis of the neck
  • Sprain/Strains of the soft tissue structures of the neck
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Postural pain

Is it safe to do Physiotherapy Neck Pain treatments?

Physiotherapy Treatments Mississauga & Etobicoke

Physiotherapy is a very safe treatment option to help resolve neck pain. There are some situations where certain treatments are not safe or appropriate. For example:

  •  Physiotherapy is not appropriate if there was  trauma to your neck
  • where there may be a possibility of fracture
  • In the case of severe osteoporosis, Physiotherapy treatment needs to be modified to prevent any harm to the fragile bones.

In conclusion an experienced Physiotherapist will be able to properly screen if you are appropriate for treatment. They will be able to ask the necessary questions to rule out anything that may require further investigation by a doctor.

PhysioNow has highly trained McKenzie trained Physiotherapists that will safely be able to assess and treat your neck pain.

In conclusion, although, receiving Physiotherapy treatment for the neck may seem scary to a lot of people, it is very safe.

Physiotherapy can help you reduce your neck pain, and improve your quality of life! We are usually able to offer same day appointments for your urgent physiotherapy needs at both our Mississauga and Etobicoke locations.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Neck Pain, call today to get started on your treatment!


What causes neck pain?
Neck pain can be caused by a variety of different reasons.  For example:

  •  trauma like a fall or motor vehicle accident,
  • poor posture,
  • repetitive activities,
  • bony changes like osteoarthritis
  • and stress.
What is the best treatment for neck pain?

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment option for neck pain.   A Physiotherapist will be able to do a combination of various treatment options to help get rid of pain and improve your quality of life.

For example,  Treatments may include:

  • Manual therapy, like mobilizations and soft tissue work,
  • Electrical modalities to help with the pain,
  • Exercises to stretch and strengthen
  •  Education so you understand why you are having neck pain
  • Registered Massage Therapy can also be a wonderful treatment option for Neck pain.

Massage Therapy Neck Pain Treatments

Registered Massage Therapy

Is my pillow causing my neck pain?

A poor choice of pillow may be one of the causes of neck pain. Most people get about 6-8 hours of sleep a night.  For example, If your pillow does not provide proper support, it will put your neck in improper postures for extended periods of time.  As a result, this can either create neck pain or can make existing neck pain worse.

Can treatment be a better option than surgery for neck pain?

Surgery for neck pain is rarely done. This is because these types of surgeries do not always correct the symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Therefore, the trauma and the recovery time of the surgery is not always worth the outcome.

As a result, Physiotherapy treatment is a much better option for neck pain.  It is non-invasive and can provide a lot of relief.  Most  times your symptoms may be eliminated very quickly!

I cannot turn my head fully to the left or right. Can physio help with my movement?

Yes, Physiotherapy can definitely help with regaining any lost movement!  Your Physiotherapist will assess you determine what the source of your lost movement is.  They will apply the most appropriate treatment to help that restriction. Your Physiotherapist will also provide home exercises.  As a result, you can continue to maintain your movement and prevent any re-occurrences.

We are a very well-established Mississauga Physiotherapy Clinic with many experienced physiotherapists. Our team at PhysioNow can help you recover from your injuries in a timely manner so that you can get back to doing the things you love.


You have hurt yourself and you need to see a physiotherapist as soon as possible. If you live in the Mississauga area, you are most likely to type in “Physio Mississauga” in google and see which clinics come up! You don’t have to look any further because you have found PhysioNow! We are a very established physiotherapy clinic that has been serving the Mississauga area for over 15 years. We are a highly experienced team of physiotherapists and massage therapists who can help you recover from your pain and get back to living your life! You don’t need the words Physio Mississauga, you need PhysioNow!! Call us today to book your appointment!

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