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Manual Osteopathy is a form of hands on therapy that focuses on eliminating pain and restoring function by addressing the root cause of the pain, injury or imbalance. The philosophy of osteopathy is based on the following principles:

Manual Osteopathy

  1. The movement of body fluid is essential to the maintenance of health.
  2. The nerves play a crucial role in controlling the fluids of the body.
  3. The body is a unit.
  4. Structure and function are interrelated.
  5. The body is self-regulating.
  6. The body is designed to defend and heal itself.
  7. When the body’s ability to adapt is disrupted, the integrity of the internal environment is lost, and self-maintenance disintegrates.

Rational treatment is based on these principles.

When a person sees a manual osteopath at PhysioNow, the practitioner will assess the whole person, not just the painful area. An initial assessment will begin with a detailed health history, followed by a postural and gait analysis as the therapist looks for any imbalances or misalignments of the body. Manual palpation is used in conjunction with orthopaedic and neurological tests to get an idea of what the major issues are and to begin to form a treatment plan. It is important to conduct a head to toe analysis, as the primary cause of the ailment may not be where the person is experiencing the symptoms. A misalignment in one area of the body can lead to a chain reaction of compensations that ultimately ends up in pain in a completely different area. This shows how connected the body is, and how optimizing structural balance allows the body to function better.

A manual osteopath at PhysioNow uses many different techniques to treat the imbalances they may find in their initial assessment. These can include:

manual osteopathy treatment

  • joint mobilizations,
  • muscle energy techniques and
  • soft tissue therapy

Gentle joint mobilizations are used to stretch and move the soft tissue around a joint to increase range of motion and to help reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm. Muscle energy techniques are used to stretch and lengthen tight muscles. Soft tissue techniques are used to release trigger points, reduce tone in a muscle or ligament, and stretch tight fascia. The therapist will also assign corrective exercises that the client can do to help maintain the corrections achieved during the treatment. The main goal of applying these techniques is to put the body into proper alignment, correct imbalances, and allow for optimal range of motion. Since structure governs function, when the bone structures are in the correct position and the soft tissues are the proper length, the body is able to function as it was designed to do. Blood and lymphatic fluid are able to more freely circulate around the body and the nerves are able to fire properly as they are not being compressed by misaligned or tight structures. When this is achieved, the body is able to self-regulate and has the ability to defend and heal itself.

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