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Trapezius Muscle Pain and Soreness.

September 27 | 2022
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Pain, soreness and neck stiffness is a common complaint with our busy and sedentary lifestyles. This kind of neck pain and soreness you are experiencing most probably could be from Trapezius Muscle. Here we will discuss how to lower your neck pain and soreness and show you some stretches you could do to relive stiffness.

Location of the muscle:

The main muscle that usually gets sore and painfull is called Trapezius muscle. . Trapezius is located on the sides of your neck spanning from the back of your head to the mid back.

Areas of Pain:

When this muscle gets sore it could cause significant pain in the angles of your neck, headaches and upper back pain.

Various Causes for Trapezius muscle pain:

  • Heavy Lifting

This if not done in correct form could strain your trapezius muscle.

  • Stress

Usually you tend to tighten your muscles when stressed and trapezius muscle could get sore with such chronic tightening.

  • Repetitive activities with your arms

This could overuse Trapezius muscle and cause pain.

  • Improper posture

Constant forward bent posture will load this muscle for prolonged periods (eg during desk work) causing the muscles to be overused and sore.

Stretch for Trapezius Muscle:


Sitting on a chair, put one hand behind your back. Tilt you head to the other side, while gently pulling on from same side hand over your head. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, repeat 2 times on same side. Then repeat on other side 2 repetitions 30 seconds hold each.


Neck Pain

Muscle soreness


Self Massage Technique:

You could also use a tennis ball/lacrosse massage ball to relieve the soreness and pain in Trapezius muscle.  Hold the ball between your upper back and a wall while rolling in small circles over this muscle. Go gentle with pressure according to your tolerance. you could do this for 3-5 mins everyday once per day.


Alternatively if the muscle is acutely sore and spasmed, you could see us for physiotherapy assessment at PhysioNow. It is important to rule out other causes of neck pain like spine derangement/Osteoarthritis. Our Physiotherapist can help examine the root cause of the problem and treat you with Manual therapy, Soft tissue releases, Stretching exercise,  Strengthening exercises, Postural Correction Techniques. All this will prevent further damage your neck.


For Further information Please refer Spears Strong.


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