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Headaches? See how Physiotherapy can help you!

June 15 | 2023
Posted by Erin Mills Physiotherapy

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How do Headaches occur? There are many different types of headaches with many different causes. Many people may blame it on the weather, stress, or work, and feel like it is out of their control and that nothing can help their headaches. If this sounds like you, there is treatment available and you do not have to live with your pain. Headaches that stem from your neck or jaw are treatable through physiotherapy and can result in a decreased intensity and frequency or even stop them completely. However, migraines can also be manageable with rehab. What are headaches from the neck? Cervicogenic Headache Headaches that stem from the neck are known as cervicogenic headaches and are a type of referred pain. Referred pain means that the pain actually originates from another part of the body, and not the place where you actually feel the pain. Moreover,…

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TMJ syndrome

January 31 | 2018
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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TMJ syndrome TMJ syndrome is broadly classified into 2 syndromes. The temporo- mandibular joint (TMJ) is the synovial joint that connects the jaw to the skull. These joints are located just in front of each ear. Classification of TMJ syndrome TMD is broadly classified into 2 syndromes: • Muscle-related TMD (myogenous TMD), sometimes called TMD secondary to myofascial pain and dysfunction • Joint-related TMD, or TMD secondary to true articular disease Causes of TMJ syndrome • trauma • disease, • wear and tear due to aging • oral habits, such as chewing gum, tobacco, candy or ice grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw   Signs and Symptoms of TMJ syndrome • Pain in the jaw • Clicking and popping sound in the ear • Pain while chewing the food • Stiff and sore jaw muscles • headaches Treatment for TMJ syndrome ? general • including heat to the joint, •…

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