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About PhysioNow

Company History

Applewood Sports & Physiotherapy Ltd was a new startup in November 2004. This clinic was housed within a medical facility together with 4 family doctors, a lab, and a dentist. The clinic rapidly expanded and grew out of its existing available space within months of opening. Subsequently, a search was done in the area to locate a larger space for the clinic.

Erin Mills Physiotherapy Clinic was located in 2007. The addition of the Erin Mills clinic provided much needed space and a location for patients who lived further west in the City of Mississauga. The Erin Mills clinic is 1800 square feet and is well set up with space for rehabilitation and exercise.

Applewood Sports & Physiotherapy Ltd. once again grew out of its existing space in 2014. A new freestanding space was located within the Applewood Plaza 2 doors over from the original location. We were excited to open our newly expanded office at Applewood Plaza in unit 25, in September 2014! We now have a full rehabilitation unit with full exercise and treatment facilities at Applewood as well.

Lorne Park Sports & Physiotherapy Ltd. opened Sept 6, 2016! This is a beautiful clinic situated in the heart of Lorne Park in South Mississauga. It is a full service clinic with access to Sports Injury Care, Motor Vehicle Accident Care, Workplace Injuries, and Sprains and Strains Care. Custom Knee braces are available on site as well. The Lorne Park facility is fully wheelchair accessible.

Patients at all of our offices receive high quality care that they can depend on. We involve all of our patients in the process of planning their care program. Additionally, we facilitate navigating the health care system by requesting all relevant diagnostic imaging and communicating with the physicians involved in your care.

Lastly, billing for any extended health care is typically coordinated through the office that is most convenient, even if you attend more than one clinic for different services. The staff at each office offers to bill electronically for any patient that wishes for us to do so on their behalf. This is a service that patients “love”, as it makes their lives so much easier!