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Lower Back Pain Treatment Mississauga & Etobicoke

Lower Back Pain TreatmentsAre you suffering from debilitating back pain? Is it hard to sit or bend? Are you stiff in the morning and does it affect your sleep? We can make your pain go away today. Give us a call!

Back pain can just be a constant, dull ache in the middle of your back or it can ache off to one side. It can travel all across your back or into your buttocks and down one leg. It can be extremely sharp and cause muscle spasm.

Registered Massage Therapy ServicesIt can ache when you walk and feel better when you sit down. Sometimes it hurts only when you go to reach up or lean backwards.

Anybody who hasn’t experienced back pain will never fully understand what you are going through. Thankfully, we do understand. We have helped thousands of others just like you to overcome their back pain and get back to their lives!

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Common Questions about Lower Back Pain Treatment

When should you see a doctor for lower back pain?

It is not normally necessary to see a doctor 1st for lower back pain unless you require a note for your insurance company in order to claim for physiotherapy or massage therapy benefits. At PhysioNow, we do not require a doctors note in order for you to be seen by a therapist.

What is acute low back pain?

Most acute low back pain is caused by a disc injury for people between the ages of 25-55. After that, it can be caused by degenerative change of the spine.

What are the causes of lower back pain?

There are many possible causes of Lower back pain including: Disc pain, Facet joint pain, nerve root pain that can be caused by bony compression or by a disc injury, or degenerative changes to the vertebrae that can compress the nerves.

What treatments are available for lower back pain?

There are many possible treatments of Lower back pain including: Spinal decompression/traction, manual movements to take the pressure off of the disc or facet, registered massage therapy, and exercise specific treatments. Most people with lower back pain respond very well to mechanical treatment performed by a highly skilled Registered Physiotherapist. PhysioNow has several highly skilled Physiotherapists trained in these spinal mechanical treatments in order to speed recovery from lower back pain.

How long will lower back pain typically last?

This depends on if you are what we call a ‘Fast Responder” or a “Slow Responder”. Fast Responders can be painfree within days of starting Physiotherapy Treatment. Slow Responders can take weeks to months to fully respond and heal.


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