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Shoulder Pain and Treatment

January 20 | 2021
Posted by Erin Mills Physiotherapy

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Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain is a common problem for many people.  It can happen to people of all ages from children to the elderly.  The pain can be very severe and cause a lot of limitations with work and activity.  Shoulder pain is one of the top 5 reasons why people seek out physiotherapy and massage treatments. What Causes Shoulder Pain? There are several reasons why people suffer from shoulder pain. Trauma Any type of direct or indirect trauma can produce shoulder pain if the arm and/or shoulder is involved Motor vehicle accidents Falls Sports injuries Violent incidents Poor office ergonomics Many people who work in offices spend majority of their time sitting  in front of a computer for long periods of time.  Additionally, many offices do not always provide optimal ergonomic setups for their staff.  Over time, as a result, this may lead to the development of pain and…

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