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How Cupping Therapy Can Help You

November 24 | 2023
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Image by Freepik What is cupping? Cupping is one of the techniques that has been used since ancient times. At first, it was used in Chinese, Egyptian and Middle Eastern culture and continues to be used for many years. Cupping Therapy is a technique which uses different sized cups to do suction on a body part by creating negative pressure. Importantly, it helps to increase blood circulation in the area. Additionally, it is beneficial in the treatment of pain like musculoskeletal pain, tension headaches and more. Similarly, \ cupping can also be helpful with muscle tightness and to help reduce areas of inflammation. To create the suction effect, they use cups made of different materials like silicon, glass, bamboo or more. Sometimes, they may combine it with additional techniques like fire, manual pumping or automatic pumping to create a vacuum. How is cupping performed? Dry cupping:…

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