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ACL Rehabilitation

December 02 | 2020
Posted by Erin Mills Physiotherapy

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ACL Rehabilitation ACL injuries are very common.  Most people know at least one other person who has gone through some kind of ACL injury.  But what exactly is the ACL?  Furthermore, what is ACL Rehabilitation? ACL Rehabilitation is a term used to describe the physiotherapy treatment that takes place after an ACL injury.  It is an important part of the recovery so that individuals can get back to their work and sport ACL Rehabilitation – What is the relevant Anatomy The term ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament.  Ligaments are soft tissues that connect 2 bones together.  Ligaments provide stability to the joint.  The ACL is found in the knee joint.  It is one of the most important ligaments in the knee.   ACL Rehabilitation – Where is the ACL located? The ACL is one of two ligaments found deep inside the knee joint.  The other ligament is called the…

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