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Acute Ankle Sprains

December 02 | 2018
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Acute Ankle Sprains Acute Ankle Sprains How do Acute Ankle Sprains happen? Acute Ankle sprains are common injuries in people of all ages. They can happen in many different circumstances. However, they always involve some type of fall or twisting movement to the ankle. For example: Going downstairs and missing the last step resulting in twisting the ankle Landing on the ankle in a twisted position after coming down from a lay-up in basketball or in a Sports Injury Slipping on an icy street while walking In all of these situations, the ankle gets a sudden movement and/or trauma that causes it to twist more than its normal range of movement allows. Acute Ankle Sprains What structure gets injured with an acute ankle sprain? The structures that are injured with acute ankle sprains are the ligaments around the ankle joint. Ligaments are…

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