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Gardening Injuries

June 30 | 2021
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Gardening Injuries What has led to the increased interest in gardening?  Interest in gardening and farming has increased in North America, especially during the pandemic.  Lots of people have taken to gardening for several different reasons.  For instance, for some it is to develop a green thumb.  Meanwhile for others it is to reduce their stress level during these difficult times.  However, because gardening can be very physically demanding, it can lead to gardening injuries. Most commonly affected joints in gardening injuries Back and Sacro-iliac (SI) joint Hip and Knee joints Wrist and hand Neck and shoulder Back and SI joint injuries Examples include discogenic pain, sciatica, sprain, strain, and mechanical low back pain. Sacro-iliac strains are commonly seen conditions.  Prolonged bending or repetitive bending is a major trigger for back and SI pain.  Pain and stiffness are usually felt at the end of the day or the next day. …

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