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March 09 | 2021
Posted by Erin Mills Physiotherapy

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Whiplash What is whiplash? When your neck is suddenly and forcefully jolted forward or backward, there is a possibility that you had a whiplash. It typically causes an intense stretch on the soft tissues around your neck, beyond the normal range of motion. As a result, there is acute pain, stiffness or tightness around your neck. Whiplash injury There are different categories of whiplash. The Quebec Classification of Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) classifies it as-• Grade 0: No complaints about the neck. No physical sign(s).• Grade I: Neck complaint of pain, stiffness or tenderness only. No physical sign(s).• Grade II: Neck complaint AND musculoskeletal sign(s).• Grade III: Neck complaint AND neurological sign(s).• Grade IV: Neck complaint AND fracture or dislocation. What are the causes of whiplash? Most commonly, whiplash is caused during car accidents. However, it can also be caused by other reasons like–Fall from a…

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