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Pregnancy related Pelvic pain

February 18 | 2019
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Pregnancy Related Pelvic Pain                         Pregnancy and Pelvic girdle pain Pregnancy Related Pelvic Pain: Words Can Hurt Pregnancy related Pelvic pain can create great challenges. Imagine you are 32 weeks pregnant with your first child and you start to have pain in the low back and pubic area when you change position. Pregnancy related pelvic pain can happen when you sit, stand for longer periods or when you walk. The pain makes it very difficult for you to function. As a result, you may worry about whether you can continue to work and manage your household. Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain: Words Can Hurt Now imagine you have seen your health care provider and have been told that your pelvis is separating. They tell you this is because of the hormone Relaxin. Then you are told that you may need to put up with this until after you have your…

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