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The Mysterious Pelvic Floor

January 08 | 2019
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Pelvic Floor Muscles The Mysterious Pelvic Floor What is The Mysterious Pelvic Floor?? The Pelvic Floor. Perhaps you have heard this referenced before but did not have a definitive idea of what it was. Is it just a region in the body? A single muscle? Let us explore this very important topic. The Pelvic floor is a group of extremely important muscles located on the inside of the pelvis with a hammock like orientation. They attach to the tailbone (coccyx) at the back, the pubic bone in the front and span side to side. Functions: These muscles are involved in several complex functions but are often overlooked in their contribution due to their “out of sight, out of mind” presence. These functions include: 1. Bowel and Bladder Function and Support Assists in control of the bladder and bowel (helping to prevent incontinence) in males and females. In females, the pelvic…

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