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Shoulder Pain Treatment Mississauga & Etobicoke

Shoulder Pain TreatmentAre you suffering from shoulder pain? Shoulder pain is one of the most common types of injuries. Does your shoulder hurt to put on your seat belt or reach into the back seat? How about reaching into the top cupboard or putting on a shirt or sweater? Does the pain ever shoot down your arm or back up to your neck? Is it painful to sleep or turn over in bed?

All of these are symptoms that can be caused by a problem with your Rotator Cuff or can be caused by a problem in your neck that is sending the pain into your shoulder. Dislocations, AC joint sprains/strains dislocations, osteoarthritis, or multiple other causes may be responsible for your pain. Sports injuries are also a common cause of prolonged shoulder pain.

Osteoarthritis TreatmentWe can typically determine the source of the pain immediately upon your first assessment at the clinic. Treatment is started on your first visit and often the symptoms start to decrease quickly thereafter.

If you have had any diagnostic tests done, we will gather the results and incorporate the information into the final diagnosis. If we feel that further tests are required, we will communicate with your doctor with your permission and explain what we think needs to be done to properly diagnose your condition.

Physiotherapy ClinicWe will develop a personalized treatment plan for you and provide hands on treatment with the physiotherapist at every visit. We will prescribe injury specific exercises to speed up your recovery. We will take the time to explain everything to you so that you fully understand what is going on with your shoulder and how we will proceed to speed up your recovery.

Getting back to your life and all of your activities as quickly as possible is the goal!

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Common Questions about SHOULDER PAIN TREATMENT

Who is most affected by severe shoulder pains?

Anybody can be affected by shoulder pains. Common causes are injuries to the rotator cuff muscles. Injuries can happen due to trauma or from wear and tear over time.

How are shoulder injuries treated?

We treat shoulder injuries with modalities such as ultrasound and electrotherapy. These are very comfortable treatments to receive. We also do hands on mobilizations for your shoulder to release the tightness. Lastly, we give you very specific exercises that can speed up your recovery.

Will I need surgery for my shoulder pains?

Most people will not need surgery for shoulder pain. Conservative care, such as Physiotherapy is the treatment of choice. The only time that surgery is considered is if you are a major league pitcher or if there is a full tear to one of your shoulder muscles and Physiotherapy has ‘failed’.

What are some warning signs or symptoms of shoulder pain?

Warning signs include: you are having trouble reaching overhead, reaching behind your back or putting your arm into your coat.

What risks are involved with a torn rotator cuff?

Most people can recover well even if they have a full tear to the rotator cuff. We have other muscles that can help even if one is not doing its job. Physiotherapy is very effective in helping you to recover from a full tear. It is often less painful than if you have a partial tear or tendonitis.


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