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Wrist Pain Treatment

Wrist Pain TreatmentAre you experiencing wrist pain? Are you feeling numbness into your fingers and hand? Is it hard to turn door handles or grip your cup in the morning? Is it painful to carry grocery bags or type on your phone?

There are a variety of sources of wrist pain. Some of the common causes that we see are:

1. Carpal Tunnel syndrome: There is a small tunnel in the wrist which must allow many tendons and one nerve to pass through. With overuse of the muscles in the hand, sometimes these tendons can swell and cause compression of the nerve as it passes through. This can cause numbness into the middle finger the index finger and the thumb.

Arthritis Treatment2. Tendonitis: This is typically caused by overuse of the muscles leading into the hands.

3. Arthritis: There are different types of arthritis that can all affect the wrist joint.

4. Subluxed bone in the wrist: This can happen if you have fallen on an outstretched hand, punched something or forcefully gripped a steering wheel during a motor vehicle accident. This can often be easily corrected with therapist mobilization.

Wrist Fracture Treatment5. Fracture: These are typically caused with trauma although could happen more easily if you suffer from thinning of the bones, ( osteopenia or osteoporosis).

6. Other causes of wrist pain that are more rare:

Our therapists are fully trained to assess the cause of your wrist pain and develop an individualized treatment plan that quickly addresses the source of your pain!

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