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Back and Neck Pain Treatment

The treatment of back and neck pain is different from regular physiotherapy treatment. The Registered Physiotherapist seeing you must be specifically trained to deal with these types of injuries.
Typically, this training is done after graduation and it is quite specialized.

Most commonly, the source of pain is the central spine and the symptoms that you may be feeling are what we would call referred pain. This might be pain travelling from your neck into the shoulder, or arm or into your head causing headaches. It could also be pain coming from your back, running into your buttock or down your leg as far as your foot or toes.

These types of injuries are very treatable and can get better very quickly with the right type of treatment. The majority of patients that we see tend to have what we call mechanical pain. That means that certain movements or positions make the pain better. It also means that certain movements or positions also make the pain worse. The Physiotherapists job is to determine what type of pain you have. For most patients, it is then very easy to treat the pain and get you on the road to recovery quickly.

Occasionally, we will find that you may be what we call a ‘slow responder’. In our experience, we see this about 10% of the time. This means that you still are responsive to Physiotherapy treatment, but your body is responding a little bit slower. These types of injuries still get better with Physiotherapy so don’t despair!

There is one final category of patient that we see. In very rare situations, we see someone who is absolutely not responsive to treatment. This would happen in less than 1% of patients in our experience. This patient may require surgical treatment in order to recover properly. At PhysioNow, it is our job to determine if you are one of these patients quickly and to directly communicate with your physician to get the necessary MRI or CT scan ordered and then guide you through to the post- surgery treatment required. Hopefully, this will not be necessary for you. We save many patients from having to have surgery!

At PhysioNow, our Registered Physiotherapists are specially trained to fully assess the causes of your neck or back pain and then to treat based on the source of the pain.

Registered Massage Therapists at our clinic are also trained to provide Therapeutic Massage for Back and Neck Pain. Your Physiotherapist may suggest this as an additional treatment to speed up your recovery.

When you have pain, you want treatment right away! We have trained Registered Physiotherapists and Registered Massage Therapists available 6 days per week, (Mon-Sat.), from early in the morning until the evenings at 8pm many days. We have same day appointments available! When you call, please tell the receptionist that you would like a same day appointment if you are in a lot of pain. We will do our best to get you in right away!

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