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ACL Tear

March 22 | 2014
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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ACL Tear Do you have an ACL tear?  Should you have surgery to repair your ACL tear? This is one of the most common knee injuries. It is typical that if you have only a partial ACL tear- no surgery is recommended. Even if you have suffered a full ACL tear – the decision to have surgery is not always clear. Factors to consider include: are you a competitive athlete in the prime of your life and do you plan to continue competing in your sport of choice? If the answer is yes, then more than likely, you are going to be advised to proceed with an ACL surgical repair. If you have a full ACL tear, but are not a competitive athlete, then the decision to proceed with a surgical approach becomes less certain. For many people, treatment with a skilled physiotherapist can help you to strengthen your muscles…

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Headaches : Neck Pain

March 10 | 2014
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Headaches : Neck Pain Have you ever suffered from Headaches : Neck Pain in the past? Have you ever considered that the two might be related? Is it possible that your neck pain might be causing your headaches? It just might be that you are right! If your neck is “stuck” in one place, it can cause muscle spasm and long lasting pain that can shoot right up into your head causing chronic Headaches: Neck Pain. Check out this link for further information about headaches. Is your computer set off to the side so that you have to always look one way to work? Do you sleep on your tummy? Do you hold the phone between your ear and your shoulder? All of these can cause problems with your neck! The good news is that a physiotherapist can often help with this problem. Restoring the natural movement in your neck…

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