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Aquafit: Dive into a fun workout!

July 28 | 2023
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Aquafit: Dive Into a Fun Workout!



Trying to get in shape but joint pain is holding you back? Are you looking for a new and exciting way to start exercising? Look no further than aquafit! Aquafit, also known as hydrotherapy, or aqua therapy is a workout done in the water to increase fitness and strength. In this article, we will talk about the top 4 benefits of aquafit and how it can be used by our physiotherapy patients.

1. Low-impact, big results

The biggest benefit of that it is very gentle on the joints, minimizing the stress and impact on vulnerable tissues. You may find that higher-impact activities like step classes, running or jumping are hard on your knees, hips, back or ankles. Instead, the water unweights you during exercises and allows you to get the benefits of exercise without risking further injury or pain. This makes aquafit a very popular choice for people that have pain or difficulty holding themselves up including individuals with neurological disorders, arthritis, and other injuries.

2. Aquafit is suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Aquafit provides a full body workout that can be adapted to suit individual abilities very easily. Exercises in the pool can be modified by standing in shallower or deeper water. This will provide more or less resistance or support to a movement.  Most locations offer equipment such as water dumbbells which vary in weight to provide a suitable challenge no matter what. Some classes may be led by a capable instructor, while others may be open time and allow you to go at your own pace.




3. Cardiovascular conditioning

Most aquafit exercises are dynamic and involve constant movement and will get your heart pumping. The water provides resistance to these movements creating a great challenge for the muscles and the heart. Exercises include moving through the water in many different ways including walking, jogging, jumping, and bringing the arms and legs through different patterns. If you struggle with high impact activities but still want to stay active, aquafit may be the solution for you!

4. Social support and well-being through Aquafit

Aquafit Weights

Aquafit Weights

Aquafit classes and times offer a great, inclusive environment where individuals may be able to meet others with similar experiences. Additionally, participating in group sessions can be a huge motivator towards fitness and rehabilitation. Additionally they can increase your enjoyment of the exercises. Having the support of like-minded individuals and the positive effects of exercise have beneficial effects on mental health, resilience and stress.

Overall, aquafit is a fantastic alternative to traditional exercise that combines the therapeutic effects of with an exciting exercise routine. It’s beginner-friendly and low-impact nature makes it a great choice for individuals new to exercise. Also to those recovering from an injury or chronic issue. Before starting a new exercise program, it is always best to consult with a qualified health professional such as a physiotherapist, especially if you have any medical conditions or injures to ensure that this exercise is right for you.

Whether you are starting your fitness journey, managing a chronic condition, or need help with pain or recovering from an injury, please contact us at PhysioNow for a consultation with a Registered Physiotherapist. Our team is excited to help you on your journey!

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