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Foot Pain How To Treat / Prevent It

November 24 | 2015
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Foot pain and how to treat it.

Foot Pain

This time of year we walk the malls, wear our fancy shoes and stand for hours as we catch up with friends at holiday seasons. “Oh my aching feet!” rings out in our physiotherapy clinic almost as much as “Happy Holidays” But what can you do to ease, or better yet prevent the foot pain?

Shopping for hours in the mall can be very tiresome and painful for not only our feet, but knees, hips and backs as well. The first thing that can be done to prevent foot pain is to avoid it. Online shopping has progressed in ease and popularity over the last few years. Spend a few minutes looking online to eliminate at least a few of the presents.

If a visit to the mall is still required, follow this simple advice. First, pick good shoes – even if it sacrifices a few points on the style scale. It will be worth it in the long run. Plan your shop. Decide what you want to buy before you enter the mall. If you happen to have a hard to buy for person, at least bring it down to a few options. When you get to the mall, look at the mall directory and plan your journey. Try to make it as efficient as possible.

For holiday parties, try to pick your outfit including your shoes carefully. Once you arrive at the party or gathering try to sit as much as possible. Your friends and colleagues will seek you out, and would probably enjoy resting their feet to sit with you for a moment or two. If sitting for a long time is not an option, then take frequent breaks and sit for short breaks.

Once you are at home, take time to stretch your calves by letting your heels hang off the step for 10-15 seconds. Rolling your arch over a frozen golf ball can also be pain relieving.

If you are still not able to control the foot pain, please ask your physiotherapist for advice.

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