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Low Back Pain Treatment: Physiotherapy

September 22 | 2015
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Low back pain is incredibly common. It is estimated that up to 5% of the population in Mississauga has Low back pain at any given time. The good news is that low back pain treatment can usually be very quick if you are give the right information at the right time and you have a skilled physiotherapist to guide you.

Low Back Pain Treatment

The use of modalities such as interferential stimulation and heat can be useful to break down muscle spasm. A thorough assessment by a physiotherapist can usually find one movement that you can do that shuts the low back pain “off”. This movement is specific to each injury but is very powerful in controlling the pain.

Advice on activities to limit, adjust or eliminate is also a necessary and helpful part of any assessment and low back pain treatment. Most often, activities are modified only temporarily, and normal activities can be resumed as soon as pain control has been established.

The culprit for many low back pain injuries is a disc bulge or sometimes a herniation: this refers to damage on the edge of a disc that allows the material inside the disc to bulge out. Often this bulge can lead to pain travelling into the buttock or down into the leg. Once again, this can often be solved fairly easily if you are given the correct information quickly after an attack starts.

Disc injuries are often the fastest injuries to heal if the Low Back pain treatment that you receive is accurate. Once a specific movement has been identified that shuts the pain off, this movement is repeated several times throughout the day in response to the onset of pain. This allows the pressure to come off the injured disc and helps it to heal quickly. The outcomes for these types of injuries are excellent if you see a qualified and skilled physiotherapist. Try to find a physiotherapist that is trained in McKenzie to at least a level C if not higher. These therapist have some of the best training available to deal with Low Back Pain Treatment. PhysioNow has therapists trained in McKenzie level courses at both locations in Mississauga.

Call a physiotherapy clinic now! Ask for a same day appointment and get started on your recovery today!

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