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Total Knee Replacement?

July 14 | 2022
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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TKR Surgery Treatment

TKR Surgery Treatment

Treatment for TKR starts as you are going in for the surgery. Did you know your muscle loses strength right after surgery?  To avoid this start strength training at least three weeks before surgery.

Treatment Options at PhysioNow

1-  Strengthening

Speak with your doctor if he could refer you to a physiotherapist. With our physios at Physio Now your knee will not lose strength after surgery. Learn new exercises at Physio Now to maintain specific functional strength.

2-  Proprioception

We can help you with strengthening and regaining your balance 

3- Stretching

severe and long lasting knee pain, your knee and hip muscles develop tightness. This restricts your mobility. You will learn stretching exercises with us, which will help loosen up the tight muscles. Long standing arthritis of the knee could develop sore muscles around your knee. You Physiotherapist could help you release this soreness ultimately reducing the knee pain.

4- Post Operative

We help you learn immediate post operative do’s and don’ts, exercises and movements. This sets you on track for faster recovery and early discharge from the hospital. 

5- Complications

you will learn different possibilities of complications that frequently occur post Total Knee Replacement. This prepares you to prevent them and ensure quick actions incase of emergencies.

6- Strengthening exercises

These involve hip muscle, knee muscles and ankle muscle strengthening on both sides. 

7- Gait training

Your Physiotherapist will be able to teach you to walk with walker. Progression to cane/crutches will be taught as tolerated over 4-8 weeks. Cane /Crutch walking helps you navigate stairs and curbs very easily. This will make you more independent. 




At Physio Now we make sure that you are fully prepared for your upcoming Total Knee Replacement.  Book with us today for a free 15 min Consultation.


For more information on the topic please refer yourorthoMD.

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