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Whiplash Mississauga

August 13 | 2016
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Whiplash MississaugaWhiplash Mississauga
Whiplash Mississauga is a frequent occurrence. It’s a general term that refers to a neck injury that happens when your body comes to a sudden stop. This type of injury occurs frequently with motor vehicle accidents. The force of the impact causes your neck to quickly bend forward then backward. These sudden movements cause your muscles, ligaments and nerves to overstretch. It results in pain. The severity of the pain depends on the nature of the impact, how old your are and whether there you had any previous neck injury. The most commonly reported symptoms of whiplash Mississauga injuries are pain, restricted range of motion and headaches. It is also possible to have pain and tingling into your arms which can be due to a nerve injury in the neck. In some cases, it is also possible to have dizziness and nausea.

Whiplash Mississauga Assessment
A Registered Physiotherapist Mississauga can assess and help treat whiplash Mississauga injuries. The Registered Physiotherapist Mississauga will first check your range of motion. They will complete a nerve test to determine if anything has been damaged. They will check whether there is any nerve involvement. The Registered Physiotherapy Mississauga assessment will help determine just how extensive the damage is. This information is important to have because it gives a sense of your prognosis. This is a timeline of how long your injuries will take to get better.

If the whiplash was a result of a Motor Vehicle accident, the Registered Physiotherapist Mississauga will also complete the necessary paperwork for your car insurance company. All insured persons involved in a Motor Vehicle accident in Ontario are entitled to receive Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Registered Massage Therapy Mississauga. The Registered Physiotherapist will be an advocate for you. They will help to guide you through the sometimes complicated process.

Whiplash Mississauga Physiotherapy Treatment
The Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Mississauga treatment plan will consist of a combination of heat and electrical modalities for pain management. This will be followed by hands on techniques to mobilize the joints and stretch your muscles. Rehabilitation exercises will be added as tolerated to increase strength, flexibility and activity tolerance. Registered Massage Therapy Mississauga is added early on to the treatment.

Goals of Whiplash Mississauga Treatment
The goal of treating whiplash injuries Mississauga is to reduce pain. A further goal is to return you to your normal activities.
It is important to get treatment for whiplash Mississauga as soon as possible so that your injuries can start to heal properly. If your injuries goes too long without treatment, your symptoms can become more chronic. This can cause you to take longer to get better. It is therefore important to set up a Registered Physiotherapy Mississauga assessment soon after the injury happens. This helps you to have optimal opportunity for healing. Call PhysioNow to book an appointment Now!

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