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Wrist pain is stopping you from lifting weights?

July 21 | 2022
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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If you have ever experience Wrist pain while lifting heavy weights at the gym we can help you. According to studies 25% of gym injuries are in the wrists. We wanted to share some tips for reducing the occurrence of such injuries. Recently we have been seeing a lot of sprained wrists. These tips will help you to keep lifting heavy without causing any wrist pain.


Wrist pain from lifting weights

Wrist injury


TIPS for preventing wrist pain from lifting weights:

Proper Gripping techniques

Gripping the Barbell or heavy dumbbells especially in Overhead lifts might cause the wrist to hyperextend. This hyperextension position with weight overloading it might cause ligament sprains. Preferably trying to keep the writs in less extension and having better control of wrist muscles will help you to control hyperextension. Your physiotherapist will be able to teach you certain cues for the same.

Squat Lifts

Do not use your hands to push up the barbell up. It should be your torso doing the most lift. Hands are only helping support the barbell.

Support the Wrists

Braces or compression bandage could be used to support the wrists while lifting heavy weights. Your Physiotherapist could also teach you how to do sports taping to prevent injuries to your wrists.


Wrists Injuries that could occur due to lifting weights:

Muscle strain

Flexor and extensor muscles cross the wrist joints. Over-flexion or over-extension injury can cause a pulled muscle. This can be very painful to any movement with the wrist after injury.

Ligament strain

Lots of small ligaments are a part of wrist joint. These small ligaments help protect carpals, distal forearm bone, etc. Grade 1 injury could give you pain. Grade 2 and 3 injury could caused severe swelling and bruising. Sometimes even instability might set in.

Hairline fracture to Carpal bones of your wrists

These could be hard to detect over good X-rays and could be missed. Best to avoid any excessive lifting in such a situation.

Subluxation/Dislocation of Carpal bones of your Wrists

Any ligament grade 2 or 3 injury could cause a bone in that joint to move from its place. This will restrict your wrist mobility with severe pain and a hard block in the movement all together. A complete dislocation also sometimes happens. You must immediately visit emergency in case of a severe trauma. As there could be blockage of blood flow to a bone which need to be treated immediately.

You should seek prompt assessment and treatment in such circumstances with your Physiotherapist who will b able to guide you with further prognosis.

Our Therapists and PhysioNow will train you how to prevent further injuries while training safely. They will also treat any soft tissue injuries that you might have acquired aa a result of your the gyming. They will be able to guide you which brace is suitable for your particular wrist injury. We at PhysioNow have custom Bracing available for wrists problems.

Physiotherapist will fine tune your lifting techniques with heavy dumbbells or kettlebells.


Book today with us for Intial Assessment and Treatment at PhysioNow.

For further information please refer Body Heal.

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