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Headaches : Neck Pain

March 10 | 2014
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Headaches : Neck Pain

Have you ever suffered from Headaches : Neck Pain in the past?

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Have you ever considered that the two might be related? Is it possible that your neck pain might be causing your headaches? It just might be that you are right! If your neck is “stuck” in one place, it can cause muscle spasm and long lasting pain that can shoot right up into your head causing chronic Headaches: Neck Pain.

Check out this link for further information about headaches.

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Is your computer set off to the side so that you have to always look one way to work?
Do you sleep on your tummy? Do you hold the phone between your ear and your shoulder?

All of these can cause problems with your neck! The good news is that a physiotherapist can often help with this problem. Restoring the natural movement in your neck just might solve your headache problems too!

A registered physiotherapist is trained to fully assess your neck movement and look for areas that are not moving properly. Call today to see if your Headaches : Neck Pain can be solved by a physiotherapist. In one visit it is possible to identify if your Headaches : Neck Pain may be related. Treatment starts on the first day. Pain relief may be one visit away!

How Can Registered Physiotherapy Help?

Registered Physiotherapy can help to solve the problem very easily by using gentle machines to reduce the pain from Headaches: Neck Pain. Treatment usually includes some gentle hands on massage and stretching to help your neck to move better again. This comfortably takes the pain away and lets you get back to your life!

The last important part of physiotherapy is to teach you some simple stretches that will help to keep the pain away. As a final step, we talk about how to avoid having the headaches and neck pain come back.
Call PhysioNow today to get started!

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