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Neck related dizziness

December 08 | 2020
Posted by Erin Mills Physiotherapy

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Neck related dizziness

Neck related or cervicogenic dizziness is one of the common causes of dizziness and affects 45-80% population. However, while treating the symptoms of being dizzy/light-headed, this diagnosis is commonly missed.

How can it come from the neck?

Nerves from the upper part of the neck connect with the vestibular system(area of the brain responsible for balance). As a result, any injury or impairment in the upper neck like car accident (whiplash), abnormal posture or any inflammatory condition could eventually lead to disturbance in the vestibular system. This, in turn, leads to dizziness.

How to know if your dizziness is related to your neck?

  • If you are experiencing lightheadedness, unsteadiness, feeling imbalanced and above all, feeling like your external environment is spinning
  • Moreover, if your symptoms comes with moving the head quickly in any direction, during sitting or standing up
  • Further, if you are experiencing headache and neck pain
  • In addition, you have a history of neck injury due to a car accident or neck pain due to abnormal posture


There is no specific test with good evidence for cervicogenic dizziness. However,  there are tests that will help you rule out other causes of dizziness. This, in turn will help in concluding that cervical spine is the cause for your symptoms.

How could physiotherapy help you with dizziness?

First of all, there will be a comprehensive assessment of your symptoms. Then, the physiotherapist designs a treatment plan incorporating manual therapy , exercises, education and other modalities like acupuncture. Consequently, it will help treat the neck as well as the vestibular system.

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Neck related dizziness


Cervicogenic dizziness usually has good prognosis. It usually resolves with the treatment of neck and the vestibular system. About 75% of patients have reported significant improvement in their symptoms.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Our Vestibular physiotherapists specialize in treating this. Book an appointment today at one of our clinics! We will do an assessment and help you get better.

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