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Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga

January 23 | 2016
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga

Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga are health professionals who specialize in recovery of the body from an illness or injury to the highest level of function possible. Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga can also be called physical therapists. This means the same thing.

Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga

Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga

To become a registered physiotherapist you must attend a university and graduate with a physiotherapy degree. The degree has changed over the years. You may meet some therapists who have an occupational and physiotherapy degree. These therapists are called POTS.

Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga that graduated before the late nineties have a bachelor of science (physical therapy). After the late nineties and more recently, physiotherapist graduates are awarded with a Masters of Science. Regardless of the degree they earned, all Registered physiotherapists in Canada must pass a licensing exam. This allows them to use the term Registered Physiotherapist (RPT). Make sure when you are seeking help, you ask for a Registered Physiotherapist Mississauga.

If you are interested in becoming a Physiotherapist of Physiotherapy Assistant, check out this link.

After Physiotherapists graduate

After graduating, registered physiotherapists will choose to specialize in a certain area. All the Mississauga Registered Physiotherapists at Physionow are orthopedic therapists. This means that they are experts in examining how bones, joints and muscles work. When you arrive for an assessment, they will look at specific movement patterns and strength to determine the best possible treatment program for you. As everyone has different goals, and different injuries, each program is created individually with your needs in mind.

Some of our Mississauga Registered Physiotherapists have secondary specialities including sports, vertigo, acupuncture and sports taping. A sports therapist has extra training to maximize performance including fitness protocols, concussion treatment and nutrition. Acupuncture treatment can be very effective for certain types of injuries such as Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow or Rotator cuff pain. Sports Taping can reduce the load on injured muscles to allow proper healing. Vertigo treatment focuses on reducing dizziness and nausea caused by inner ear and eye problems.

If you have any questions or are wondering if we could help you, please feel free to call our office and ask to see one of our highly skilled Registered Physiotherapists Mississauga.

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