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Registered Physiotherapy Mississauga

September 22 | 2016
Posted by Sharon Tierney

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Registered Physiotherapy Mississauga
Foot Pain Management Mississauga
Pain in the foot can result from a sprain of a ligament. It can come from inflammation of a tendon or bony changes from arthritis. It can also come from dropped arches or irritation of the plantar fascia. These are just some of the reasons that a person can develop foot pain.
The anatomy of the foot can make this body part a difficult one to treat well. The key lies in diagnosing the source of the pain correctly. A Registered Physiotherapist Mississauga has the knowledge and expertise to get this information from the assessment.

Foot pain Management Mississauga: Registered Physiotherapy Mississauga of course depends on the injury. It usually consists of modalities for pain. It can include hands on Physiotherapy treatment to treat the pain and stiffness. This is followed by an exercise program that includes a stretching and strengthening program to improve flexibility. Another important component of Foot pain Management Mississauga is education. The Registered Physiotherapist provides education regarding the injury. They will also give you the expected outcome for the injury. Having this knowledge is very important since it allows you to understand what is happening.

One other possibility with Registered Physiotherapy Mississauga is that it helps you to prevent it from getting worse and/or coming back again in the future. For example, if your dropped arches are potentially causing your ongoing pain, the Registered Physiotherapist will suggest that you get orthotics. This will help to correct the positioning of your foot. PhysioNow can make custom foot orthotics for you if you need them.

Foot pain can be very painful if left untreated. It is important to seek treatment as soon as symptoms arise. Like with any other injury, pain can become chronic the longer that it is left untreated. There is also the possibility that secondary injuries can arise. This is mostly from the fact that the longer a person is in pain, the longer they are walking differently. This can cause additional strain on other joints, such as the knees and hips. This will make the overall injury even more complicated. Therefore, getting treatment at the earlier stages of the injury will result in a quicker and more effective outcome.

Registered Physiotherapy Mississauga is a great option to treat Foot pain. PhysioNow has many well trained Registered Physiotherapists in Mississauga at several convenient locations to serve you. Check us out. Take care of your Foot pain today!

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